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Well a few days of tournament preparation turned out really good until they dropped the water. I was thinking with the last rain that came through there was no way it would fall, but thought wrong. we caught several fish but only ended up with a little over 14 pounds and that was not good enough ( On to the next one). Back at it today with trips every day for a while and had to relocate them since they had moved with the falling water and it really didn’t take that long. We started catching them pretty quick after getting started. We ended up putting 39 bass in the boat once we found them. We didn’t have anything over 4 1/2 pounds but they were all really fat. One of the pictures I took was just to show how healthy these fish are. We caught our fish on the picasso shock blade pro, scottsboro tackle Company Osprey jig ( swim jig/punch jig) and a picasso prototype Tungsten spinner bait that is going to be awesome. I have April the 3rd ,30th open and a few days in may if you are interested in getting around some of these bass give me a call and let’s go fishing. A couple of the pictures are from practice before water fell. #AbuGarcia #Berkleyfishing #scottsborotacklecompany #freedommarinecenter #humminbird #mercurymarine #PHOENIXBOATS #PICASSOBAITS #waterfrontbayandgrocery #nathanrvparkandlodgingatmudcreek #THmarine

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