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Well today we got a lot more bites just never had anything over 3.5 pounds, we caught a lot of fish just never could get a big bite. There are signs of things happening that is really good, it is kinda strange though how things are so different from one end of the lake to the other. Things are always a little different ,but this year it seems to be flip flopped from a typical year. The last three days I have fished from the lower end of the lake up to crow creek. It’s a little strange how the lower end of the lake seems to be ahead of the upper end as I have found in years prior the upper end normally is a little ahead of the lower end. I still think once we have a run of Consistent weather, like we have ahead of us things will catch up. We ended up catching 36 bass today but only had around 17 pounds with 5 fish. We caught our fish on the scottsboro tackle Company sniper shad ,picasso shock blade pro and a couple on lipless crankbaits. I have some days available in may and booking for June and July if you are interested in getting around some bass give me a call and let’s go fishing. Hey guys if you hadn’t checked out the new Abu Garcia rods and reels do yourself a favor and do so you want regret it I have been boat flipping 5 pounders with no problems some very light,tough and sensitive rods. #AbuGarcia #Berkleyfishing #scottsborotacklecompany #freedommarinecenter #PHOENIXBOATS #humminbird #THmarine #mercurymarine #PICASSOBAITS #waterfrontbayandgrocery #nathanrvparkandlodgingatmudcreek

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