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(10) Lonnie Cochran

Today was was one of the toughest days I have had in a while. We got out early and got started at day break, and that didn’t go as I exp…ected, but we kept grinding, complaining, making excuses and anything thing else you want to call it, well I was not my clients they were awesome. We had to put in a couple hours overtime but we ended up putting over 20 bass in the boat by the time we were done. We didn’t have any big fish but on a day like it was for me today I was proud to see the rod bent. We caught all of our fish on the scottsboro tackle 3 and 3.5 inch swimbaits in water 3 to 8 feet Deep. I am sure someone caught some big fish today but it wasn’t my day. I have some days available this month and booking for the spring if you are interested in getting around some of these fish give me a call and let’s go fishing.


Scottsboro Tackle Company
Freedom Marine Center
Mercury Marine
Phoenix Boats
Picasso Lures
Waterfront Bay Grocery and Tackle
Nathan’s Lodging & RV Park at Mud Creek in Alabama

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