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Ok the first bass trip of 2020 and we started it off with a bang. We started out throwing the rig and catching fish rather quickly but then I noticed some things that I am always looking for this time of year and we switched gears. I broke out the new picasso shock blade pro with the scottsboro tackle Company 5.5 inch sniper shad and it was on. Some people may find it hard to believe but if anything we missed putting a few on the clicker. We ended up with 109 on the clicker a…nd had 24 pounds with 5 fish anchored with 7.2 bug eyed beauty that my client caught. My client was camera shy so I took all the pictures that we took time to take and believe me we could have taken a lot more. This was one of those days you dream of having no doubt. We caught all of our fish on the scottsboro tackle 3, 3.5 inch swimbaits and the new picasso shock blade pro with the scottsboro tackle Company sniper shad on it this is a deadly combination.

By the way tackle warehouse has both of these baits the and the sniper shad is 25%off right now. I also think he might have some in the store in a couple days but they won’t last long.

I have some days available if you are interested in getting around some of these fish give me a call and let’s go fishing.


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