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Well,I am ready for these fish to start acting like they should. I mean when you get in water 65 degrees this time of year it should be easy but it’s not. Well maybe there just not doing what I expect ,we started off really good this morning catching good average size fish and a couple nice ones ,even an ole bug eyed beauty. We caught fish in water from 2 to 6 feet deep on plastics, scottsboro tackle Company 4.5 inch swimbait and ole faithful the picasso shock blade pro. We had a pretty good 5 fish limit with our biggest weighing 6 pounds I guess it may have been better than I thought, I just know what should be happening and it’s not, but any day now things should get really good. I have some days available in may and booking for June and July if you are interested in getting around some of these fish give me a call and let’s go fishing. #Fishthroughit#AbuGarcia #Berkleyfishing #scottsborotacklecompany #freedommarinecenter #humminbird #mercurymarine #PHOENIXBOATS #PICASSOBAITS #THmarine #nathanrvparkandlodgingatmudcreek

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