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Ok today started off slow and after hitting a few spots that fish had left we decided to switch techniques all together, I knew it was coming but just didn’t want to give up what I was doing. We ended up putting a pattern together and slowing down, but maybe not as slow as a friend of mine you know who you are , but really slow and things started coming together. We ended up catching over 20 fish and around 20 pounds with our best 5. I tell you the Abu Garcia fantasista spinning rod with the MGX spinning reel is one fine set up and done a nice job on this bug eyed beauty in the grass. We caught all of our fish on plastics in water 2 to 5 feet. If you are interested in getting around some of these fish give me a call and let’s go fishing. #Fishthroughit #AbuGarcia #Berkleyfishing #scottsborotacklecompany #freedommarinecenter #humminbird #mercurymarine #PHOENIXBOATS #THmarine #PICASSOBAITS #nathanrvparkandlodgingatmudcreek

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